The Aquarium Hobby

The Aquarium Hobby is an extremely rewarding hobby. Keeping fish and other inhabitants can and do become a part of the family. Most of the fish and even some of the coral have names in my personal fish tanks thanks to my son and daughter.

The Aquarium Hobby has come along way in the last 30 years. It is not only relaxing and amazing to watch a fish tank but the understanding of how our planets reef systems work is aided tremendously by experience's with our aquariums. Propagating corals and raising tank bred animals is going along way to minimize the effects of harvesting our reef's. Probably the most important fact is that by propagating corals, raising fish and finding ways to sustain our reefs in aquariums will allow otherwise would be extinct animals to live long into the future.

Whether you are new or a veteran of the fish tank hobby our site has great information for all.

Starting an Aquarium

Starting an Aquarium is easy if you follow a few simple steps. Before you can get started in the aquarium hobby you have to choose what type of set up you will go with. There are many different types of fish tanks, aquariums and set ups to choose from.

If your looking to completely immerse yourself into the hobby you can Build an Aquarium Set Up part by part. Many hobbyist enjoy collecting better parts for there aquariums or building them from the ground up.

Freshwater Aquarium

chichlid fish tankA Freshwater Aquarium is a great choice that has a wide range of potential set ups. Fresh water aquariums and fish tanks can be started for minimal start up costs. Our freshwater section covers fish tank set up, filtration, lighting, fish keeping, and other information regarding the freshwater aquarium hobby.

Saltwater Aquarium

You can choose a Saltwater Aquarium if you want tropical fish from the ocean or if you also want to incorporate coral into your tank. Salt water aquariums generally cost more to get started if your going to have more then a fish only tank with corals and invertebrates.

Planted Aquarium

A very popular choice in the aquarium hobby is a Planted Aquarium. The planted tanks are beautiful when set up properly and can really give a great window into river bottoms.

Brackish Aquarium

If you like to be rare and different maybe a Brackish Aquarium is for you. Brackish fish tanks have a mix of salt water and fresh water and are home to fish that live in estuaries where the river's meet the ocean.

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